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Join the biggest running community in BiH, get great discounts with our partners, enjoy the advantages of group registrations and meet new friends who share the same passion. 

NGO Marathon Sarajevo exists since 2007, but our desire to promote a healthy lifestyle while building a healthier and more active society had existed long before founding our NGO. As an organization, we offer a unique blend of organizational skills and experience in running at all levels and for that reason, we are able to fully understand the needs of our partners-sponsors, as well as the needs of the runners and recreational runners.

Our key personnel consist of highly educated managers who, as part of their daily business activities, manage teams and budgets. In addition, they are also experienced runners who run approximately 3500 km per year each, and have a strong desire to contribute to making a better society.

Since 2013, for the first time in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we have organized a race for girls named Girls on the Run. Another project that we are very proud of is the Running School Klix through which, out of six generations of beginners, more than 500 complete beginners, who pushed their limits and trained hard for 6 months to complete the Sarajevo Half Marathon, and many other races afterwards. Our running school represents an excellent opportunity to be in a good shape and get rid of stress, while enjoying a great company and having a lot of fun.

We are the pioneers in Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Running Tour services in Sarajevo. Anyone interested in combining their running practices with beautiful sightseeing of the city of Sarajevo is welcome to join us.

The charity aspect in all of our activities is extremely important and every race we organize has a humanitarian component, since our goal is to raise the social awareness and responsibility. The projects or the races we organize mark the International Car Free Day, the World Environment Day, the Day of Europe, World Autism Awareness Day and other important dates and represent excellent opportunities for a healthy and active life.

All of our projects are open for everyone. Professional, recreational runners, walkers and beginners in running are more than welcome.

See you at the start line!


Year of establishment of NGO Marathon


Year of establishment of the running school


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Our vision is to become a regional leader in organizing mass road races and a promoter of running and sports lifestyle that will contribute to building a healthier and better society, by 2025.


Our mission is to organize races and create innovative, sports, socially responsible events that inspire, bond and empower individuals and society; to promote healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation in a positive and friendly environment, and encourage overcoming personal boundaries in a trusty and supportive atmosphere.

Information about NGO Marathon membership

NGO Marathon Sarajevo invites you to join the team of enthusiasts and running fans and become a member. Membership provides many advantages.

Membership fee

30,00 BAM

Registration and membership card fees are free of charge.
Membership duration

12 months

Needs to be renewed annually every January.

Membership benefits at NGO Marathon

Why you should become a member of NGO Marathon and what it mean more precisely

The membership card is for all runners, as well as for those who aim to become runners, and for all our friends who would like to be included in our activities.


Benefits of the Membership Card:

    • Discount for the Sarajevo Half Marathon (35.00 BAM / 18 € for members)
    • Discount for Half Marathon Relay (90.00 BAM / 46 €) if all of the three members of the relay team are members of NGO Marathon Sarajevo
    • Discount for 5K Spring Run (15.00 BAM / 7.5 € for members)
    • Discount for 10K Night Run (25.00 BAM / 12.5 € for members)
    • Entry fee (group) discount for races in the region for NGO Marathon Sarajevo members
    • Faster, easier, and cheaper money transfer for group entry fees for races in the region
    • Special accommodation discounts for group bookings for the races in the region; easier payment process for accommodation
    • Special prices and organization of group transportation to races in the region
    • Sponsored long distance trainings accompaiend by delicious food, refreshment and great company
    • Training plans adjusted for individual members’ objectives
    • Consultations on running and other trainings
    • 10% discount on all Garmin products (Garmin BH)
    • 10% discount on photography services from the profesionnal photographer Igor Isanović
    • 20% discount on sports gear at Intersport shops
    • 20% discount on all products available at BIONA web store
    • 20% discount on the General Medical Exam for runners at the Al Tawil Clinic
    • 10% discount for dental care at Privatna stomatološka ordinacija Prof. Selimović-Dragaš
    • 10 BAM discount for the monthly membership in BTC Fitness (all the trainings, 3 times/week and more)
    • 15% discount in Muscle Freak stores (Importanne Shopping Center and Grand Shopping Center, Ilidža)
    • FitPass monthly card for only 50 BAM instead of 75 BAM (for 30-31 trainings per month – 1 traning per day)
    • Discounts at Trek Bike Center Sarajevo (discounts depend on the payment method):
      • Bikes – 7% to 12% discount
      • Biking equipment and accessories – 10% to 20% discount
      • Repairs and bike maintenance – 20% discount
    • 15% discount on CEBE and BOLLE sports sunglasses at BRACOM store
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