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NGO Marathon Sarajevo

Be a part of the largest running community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, get numerous discounts from our partners, take adventage of group training and entry fees and meet new friends who share the same passion.

NGO Marathon Sarajevo works since 2007, but our desire to promote a healthy lifestyle, while building a healthier and more active society, started much earlier.

As an organization, we offer a unique combination of organizational skills and years of experience in running at all levels, so we are able to fully understand the needs of our partners as well as the needs of recreational runners. Our key staff is highly educated management staff, who manage teams and budgets in their daily business activities, but they are also runners who run on an individual level over 3000 km per year and have a very strong desire to contribute to creating a better society.

We are the leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the organization of mass sports projects that contribute to the economic development of the FBiH and whose organizational team has a total of over 17 years of experience in organizing such and similar projects.

Since 2007, we have been organizing the Sarajevo Half Marathon, a unique sports event that gathers an increasing number of participants from year to year, both professional athletes and citizens who are recreational and amateur sportists. We subsequently introduced a number of other races and events so in our current portfolio we have four events and nine races that are accompanied by quality fun music activities.

We also launched the Klix Running School, within which, through eight generations of enrolled students, over 500 beginners were ready to run the Sarajevo Half Marathon as well as numerous other races after six months of training. Our Running School is a great opportunity to stay in shape all year round and get rid of stress, with great company and lots of fun.

Moreover, we are the first in BiH to introduce the Running Tour service in Sarajevo. Everyone who wants to combine running training with a visit to the sights of Sarajevo contact us regularly.

The humanitarian aspect in all our activities is extremely important and every race we organize also contains a humanitarian dimension to emphasize social responsibility. The projects, ie races that we organize, mark the International Car Free Day, World Environment Day, Europe Day, Autism Awareness Month and other important dates, and represent great opportunities for a healthy and active life.

All our projects are open to everyone. Professional and recreational runners are welcome, as well as walkers and beginners in running.

See you at the start :)


Year of establishment of NGO Marathon


Year of establishment of the Sarajevo Running Club


Year of establishment of running tours


Our vision is to become a regional leader in organizing mass road races and a promoter of running and sports lifestyle that will contribute to building a healthier and better society, by 2025.


Our mission is to organize races and create innovative, sports, socially responsible events that inspire, bond and empower individuals and society; to promote healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation in a positive and friendly environment, and encourage overcoming personal boundaries in a trusty and supportive atmosphere.

Information about NGO Marathon membership

NGO Marathon Sarajevo invites you to join the team of enthusiasts and running fans and become a member. Membership provides many advantages.

Membership fee

30,00 BAM

Registration and membership card fees are free of charge.
Membership duration

12 months

Needs to be renewed annually every January.

Pogodnosti članstva u Udruženju Marathon

Zašto postati član Udruženja Marathon Sarajevo i šta to konkretno znači?

Članska kartica je namijenjena svim trkačima, onima koji planiraju početi trčati, kao i svim prijateljima koji žele biti uključeni u naše aktivnosti.


Benefits of the Membership Card:

    • Popust od 20% na startnine za sve događaje u organizaciji Udruženja Marathon Sarajevo
    • Popust od 20% na startnine za sve događaje u organizaciji Run and More Community-a Banja Luka  
    • Popust od 10% do 14% na Garmin proizvode 
    • Popust od 20% na sve artikle za trčanje u Intersport radnjama
    • Popust od 20% na sistematski pregled za trkače u Klinici Al Tawil
    • Popust od 10% na sve usluge u stomatološkoj ordinaciji Prof. Selimović-Dragaš
    • Popust od 20% na sve proizvode dostupne na Internet prodavnici BIONA
    • Popust od 15% u prodavnicama Muscle Freak (SCC, Importanne Centar i Grand Centar, Ilidža)
    • Popust od 10% na usluge profesionalnog fotografa Igora Isanovića
    • Popust od 10 BAM na mjesečnu članarinu za sve treninge u BTC Fitness
    • Korištenje FitPass Premium paketa po cijeni od  70 BAM za 30 termina mjesečno ili za 50 BAM za 16 termina mjesečno
    • Popusti od 10% do 20%Trek Bike Centru Sarajevo 
    • Popust od 15% na sportske naočale CEBE i BOLLE u prodavnici Bracom
    • Popust od 20% u MyBook knjižari u SCC-u
    • Popust od 20% na sve proizvode u Polleo Sport prodavnicama
    • Jeftinije startnine, smještaj, prevoz, te lakša i brža procedura plaćanja na trkama u regionu
    • Trening planovi prilagođeni ciljevima članova
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