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NGO Marathon Sarajevo announces 10 races and 4 running festivals in Sarajevo in 2021

NGO Marathon Sarajevo announces 10 races and 4 running festivals in Sarajevo in 2021

From April to September 2021 NGO Marathon Sarajevo will organize 10 races and 4 sport events

We are all eager for good events, healthy activities and socializing, so we continue to plan and organize all our events this year, while respecting measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

This year, NGO Marathon will organize 10 races and 4 sports events starting from April 11, 2021, when the Sarajevo Spring Run Festival is planned, until September 19, 2021. when the 14th Sarajevo Sberbank Half Marathon will be held as part of the Sarajevo Run Fest event.

The following events are planned in the organization of NGO Marathon Sarajevo:

04/11/2021 - SARAJEVO SPRING RUN - an event that brings with it two races: "5k Spring Run" and "Family Run", which will be held accompanied by a daily entertainment and music program "Party Time". Both races are short, fun and specific in their love-spreading atmosphere.

06/04/2021 - SARAJEVO NIGHT CENTER - an event that will have two races: "10k Night Run" and "5k Team Run", which bring with them a magical night atmosphere that will enhance the "Party Time" concert in the continuation of the event.

08/18/2021 - RUNWAY NIGHT RUN - NEW and exclusive race on the runway of Sarajevo International Airport, 5 kilometers long. For the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, runners will have the opportunity to run on the runway at midnight, and the whole event will be complemented by an entertainment and music program in the "Fun Zone" that will contribute to the overall atmosphere of other phenomenal events in August.

17 -19.09.2021. - SARAJEVO RUN FEST - the central part is occupied by the "Sarajevo Run Fest" event whose most challenging and most popular event is the 14th Sarajevo Half Marathon, a 21.1 km race that starts at the line connecting Ferhadija with Baščaršija, at the sign "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures" and passes through the most beautiful and most important parts of the city of Sarajevo. The half marathon will be accompanied by the Relay Half Marathon, the "School Run" race for primary and secondary school students, the "Bambini Marathon" for the youngest, the "Fun Run" race and the "Party Time" zone for everyone. The whole event will last for three days from 17 to 19.09.2021. year and will be a really small festival of running, socializing, promoting a healthy life and positive values.

From April to the end of September, over 10,000 runners from BiH, the region and beyond are planned to participate, and every year, these projects make an excellent social contribution as they raise funds for the most vulnerable individuals and organizations in BiH.

In addition to the above, the most positive story in the city is coming to the city this year as well - Running School Klix, which will start operating on the first Tuesday in March and last until the end of October this year. For registration and all information about the Klix Running School visit it's website.

Applications for all events are already open and for more details and information follow our website, social networks or write to us at

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