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In the joint organization of the Sarajevo Marathon Association and Sarajevo International Airport, in the next 2021, a spectacular 5k Night Race awaits us on the airport runway.

This is a unique event that will be organized for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a 5-kilometer race that will be run on the runway of Sarajevo International Airport, and will be accompanied by many different activities. The entire event will be organized at midnight, after flights to and from Sarajevo International Airport are suspended.

A new form of realization of a sports event called "Runway Night Run" is planned.

"The organization of such an event provides us with entry into the circle of world cities where this attractive event is held." - said the Association Marathon Sarajevo.

The management of Sarajevo International Airport states: “We are glad to host this unique sporting event and thus join many other airports in the world where this type of race was held. Although the organization of the event is demanding, especially from the security aspect, we were pleased to take part in the event which promotes the airport itself, as well as Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. "

The realization of this sports event is expected in the summer of next year, and more details about the exact date and other specifics of the event will be announced by the organizers soon.

In addition, the Sarajevo Marathon Association will traditionally continue to organize its famous events in the next year, such as the Sarajevo Half Marathon, 10k night race, and 5k spring race, with all their accompanying events.

For all additional information, we invite you to continuously follow our official website, as well as the official website of Sarajevo International Airport.

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