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Runway Night Run - General information

Runway Night Run - General information

Race: 5 K Runway Night Run 2021.

Place of the event: International Airport Sarajevo Runway

Date of the event: wednesday, 18.8.2021.

Mandatory time of arrival of runners at the airport: 22:00h

Race start time: 24:00h       

Duration of the program within the „Fun Zone“: untill 03:00h


 - Starting packages are picked up in the premises of the Marathon Association.

DATE: tuesday, 17.08.2021.

TIME: 09:00h- 21:00h

LOCATION: Vilsonovo šetalište No 10 

-Starting packages pick-up on the day of the race is possible only for runners who are not from Sarajevo, and with prior announcement by email to In this case, starter packs can be picked up at the offices of the Marathon Association untill 12:00.
 - If the runner is not able to pick up his / her start number, the other person can do so for him / her by showing the runner's personal document or by confirming the date of birth.



- The use of lighters, matches and similar items is strictly prohibited to reduce the risk of fire.
- It is strictly forbidden to throw any objects on the surfaces on which you will move (runway, roll, platform).
- It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones and other personal belongings of runners into the starting zone. Only the entry of the race number and the wristwatch are allowed.
- Strictly forbidden to move past the pre-agreed and approved route provided for the race. 
- It is strictly forbidden to move around an unaccompanied aircraft, which is not related to participation in the race itself.
- Runners at 22:00 should access the airport checks for passage to the airport runway where the starting position of the race is located.



- The finish position of the race is in the "Fun Zone" so that fans are able to meet the runners at the finish line and thus share with them the moment of passing through the finish line. 
- All interested visitors are welcome to spend their time before and after the race in the "Fun Zone" with the performance of DJ Mahir Beathouse. 
- "Fun Zone" is located in the airport parking lot and does not belong to the restrictive zone of the airport, and therefore visitors within the "Fun Zone" do not pass security checks or need to inform the Association "Marathon" about personal data.



Runners are asked to share transportation to the race and streamline the number of vehicles at the airport. The total parking capacity at the airport is limited, and 100 free parking spaces are provided for runners. Only vehicles with a parking voucher NGO Marathon Sarajevo will have free parking at the airport. Vouchers will be distributed when picking up starter packs by filling out a request that includes vehicle registration information and driver contact, and will be distributed until all available vouchers have been distributed. Runners can be informed about the possibility of commercial use of the parking lot and the working hours of the parking lot that are limited through the official website of Sarajevo International Airport at


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