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Vivia RunFest Sarajevo

Vivia RunFest Sarajevo

The most fun weekend in September - Vivia RunFest Sarajevo, where you will have the opportunity to experience the charms of Sarajevo in a special way, will be held from 17 to 19.09.2021.

Vivia RunFest Sarajevo is our central annual event whose most challenging and most popular event is the Sarajevo Sberbank Half Marathon, which will be held for the 14th time this year, and includes a 21.1 km long race. All races within the Festival start at the line connecting Ferhadija Street with Baščaršija, at the sign "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures" and pass through the most beautiful and most important parts of the city of Sarajevo. "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures" is a unique place in Sarajevo that everyone will tell you is exactly the line where East and West collide, touch and connect. Not only as sides of the world, but also as civilizations, and just as this place connects differences, so does the Vivia RunFest Sarajevo connect different cultures and people, so the start of each race is not chosen by chance.

As part of "Vivia RunFest Sarajevo" we expect:

  • About 4.000 participants
  • About 3,000 fans and visitors
  • 200 volunteers
  • 15.000 visits to the official website of the Association and its associates
  • 24.500 followers on the social networks of the Association and its associates
  • 50.000 impressions per day  

The most challenging and popular event of the Festival is certainly the Sarajevo Sberbank Half Marathon. The Half Marathon will be accompanied by a G-Drive Relay Half Marathon, "Argeta School Run" race for elementary and high school students, "Bambini Marathon" for the youngest, "Fun Run" race and "Party Time" zone for everything. The whole event will last for three days from September 17 to 19, 2021., and will be a real festival of running, socializing, promoting a healthy life and positive values.

  • Sarajevo Sberbank half marathon

    As you already know, the route of the half marathon has been changed so that all participants in the half marathon race in 2021 can expect a new and more attractive route. The starting line of the race is at the crossroads where East and West meet - oriental Baščaršija as the site of centuries-old monumental buildings and Ferhadija Street - in a completely new Western style. The new half marathon track runs in two laps and leads through the main tourist attractions of Sarajevo: from Ferhadija, Baščaršija, Eternal Flame, the narrowest part of the city to the finish line that will be on the plateau near the National Theater.

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  • G-Drive relay half marathon

    The relay half marathon is intended for teams of three people. The main goal of the G-Drive relay half marathon is to enable as many participants as possible to feel the spectacular atmosphere that only runners know how to create by running a 21.1-kilometer distance in a team of three. Members of the relay team will run 8, 7 and 6 kilometers, and thus run a half marathon together. The G-Drive relay half marathon is ideal for team building of work colleagues, family, friends, but also great fun. As the half marathon distance in the relay half marathon is divided into three parts, the training for this race is less intense than for the individual half marathon, which makes this race open and accessible to a much larger number of recreational athletes.

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  • Bambini half marathon
    One of the novelties of this year's RunFest is certainly the race called Bambini Marathon, a race for children aged 2 to 6 years. The youngest marathoners can run or cross the course, alone or accompanied by one adult. Bambini marathon is designed with the goal of developing sports habits in children and promoting the importance of socializing, socializing and healthy activities.
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  • Argeta School Run

    Race in the length of 750m intended for primary and secondary school students. One of the goals of the School Run is to bring recreational sports and a healthy lifestyle closer to school children.

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  • Fun Run

    The happiest and most fun start is expected at the "Fun Run" pleasure race, which is intended for all those who like socializing and good fun. This year's Fun Run race is specific in that it is free and is a kind of gift to the citizens of Sarajevo, or all those who want to participate, socialize and have fun.
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    What is very important to emphasize is that the entire Vivia RunFest Sarajevo will be accompanied by very rich music and entertainment content, and almost every race will have its own Party Zone.
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