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Klix Running School lives and works despite challenges

Klix Running School lives and works despite challenges

Despite the aggravating circumstances, the runners trained hard and successfully this year. That’s why the Klix Running School decided to reward them with new dri-fit t-shirts.

Although 2020 is in many ways a special Klix Running School, it has successfully adapted to all its challenges. This racing season in the popular "school", the runners trained hard by overcoming various obstacles such as the lack of racing events that would motivate them to run 10 kilometers, a half marathon distance and/or more. That is why they were rewarded with new Nike T-shirts for their work and effort.

In order to continue training as before, on Thursday, October 29, 2020, this year's team of schoolchildren received their new dri-fit T-shirts for running in a beautiful fluorescent green color.

Damir Džubur, a participant in this year's season of the most positive story in the city, explains how everything looked like this year:

"Before I joined the Running School, I did individual running trainings and tried to achieve some of the goals I had set for myself. It was quite difficult for me sometimes, especially when I was doing length training. Running is a very demanding sport, both physically After a certain period, I decided to enroll in the Klix Running School and try to achieve my goals with the help of a coach.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a group of very positive people and coaches who accepted me in the best possible way. We started working together, pushing boundaries, breaking personal records and achieving goals, all through wonderful socializing. With their help, I also ran my first half marathon last year, and I set my goals for the future quite high. I learned a lot of new things and became a respectable and stable runner. All thanks to my coaches and positive environment.

This year has been very difficult and unpredictable for us runners. The Covid-19 pandemic caused us to be locked in houses for several months. Despite all that, we at the Running School always had well-planned trainings during that period as well. The coaches tried to plan everything for us in the best possible way, so that we would not be left behind when we return to the race track. We went through all the problems and obstacles together, and I must say that we have been running regularly for several months and preparing for the new races that await us.

I would sincerely recommend Klix Running School to everyone, from people who just want to start running, to people who want to improve their running and become even better. For all of you in our school we have different groups in which you will surely find your place. This way I would just like to greet all the coaches, all my running friends from all groups and all the people who support the work of our School. Race greetings! ”He said.

"The ability to adapt has proved crucial to the survival of many communities this year. We are proud to have run successfully this year as well," the school said.

As a reminder, this year's season of the Klix Running School started a little later than usual, in June, and with various unpredictable challenges, it successfully completes its cycle of this year's outdoor trainings, at the end of November. Recreational athletes managed to prepare to run 5, 10, 21 kilometers and / or more, so they are entering the next season ready to win, hopefully, many racing events that were missed this year.

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